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While some fans expect that the head of the Dutch Blue Box Game Studios team, Hasan Kahraman, will soon switch the button to Hideo Kojima, who will introduce Abandoned as a new horror film, ideally Silent Hill, a credible leaker repeatedly pointing to a different theory. SoulsHunt, previously revealed by Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, he saysthat the next game of Hide Kojima will be released by Microsoft.

Kim Swift went to Microsoft to work with Kojima

It is supposed to be an episodic horror with the support of the cloud, which could have been born from a previous speculated project for the Stadium by Google. However, the Kojima Productions studio itself will remain independent, according to the insider. Sony allegedly could have rejected the project due to the episodic format. On the contrary, according to SoulsHunt Kojima, it has nothing to do with Abandoned. The same leaker has previously claimed to be working on an improved version of Bloodborne for PS5 and PC.

Coincidentally, he said these days that Kojima and Microsoft are close to an agreement, as well as another source. This was stated by Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat magazine. He also said that Microsoft recently hired Portal author and Left 4 Dead Kim Swift to the cloud division precisely because of his collaboration with Kojima on his next title. Prior to that, she worked for Stadia and Google, respectively.

Yoji Shinkawa: Coming soon

Jeff Grubb has even stated earlier that the statuette of Kojima Productions’ mascot, which appeared in a February video with Phil Spencer, was said to be a conscious allusion to the possibility of a partnership. Kojima Productions has been hiring new employees for another project since last autumn.

In an interview with Al Hub in March, the artist and a close associate of Kojim, Joji Shinkawa, said that he was working on something and that he would probably announce it soon. But nowhere is it said that the recently announced Death Stranding Director’s Cut did not mean that.

Zdroj: Microsoft

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