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NL-Alert will be tested on December 7 with control message: this is how it works

The government tests the air raid alarm every first Monday of the month. In addition, the NL-Alert alarm device is tested several times a year. Next Monday, on Monday 7 December 2020, NL-Alert will be tested again on your smartphone with a check message.

NL-Alert control message on December 7th

Tomorrow is the day again; the government is testing the NL-Alert alarm system throughout the Netherlands. NL-Alert is increasingly being used to warn people in the event of an emergency, and just as with the air raid alarm, the agent must be tested. Twice a year the Dutch government tests NL-Alert by means of an inspection message. When you receive it, your smartphone is set up correctly to receive these messages, as they are not sent as SMS, but as Cell Broadcast.

NL-Alert is used in case of emergency situations. Think of a major fire, extreme weather conditions, threats, an attack or other causes. The intention is that in the long term the air-raid alarm will be replaced by the digital tool, although this term has already been postponed several times.

Since the previous test, in June 2020, an NL-Alert is not only sent out in the Dutch language, but also in English. This is useful for people who stay in the Netherlands for work, study or vacation. In principle, everyone who is connected to a Dutch network receives an NL-Alert.

Audit message

The verification message will be sent out on Monday 7 December at 12:00. It contains the following text;

“NL-Alert 07-12-2020 12:00: CHECK MESSAGE. You do not have to do anything. More information at TEST MESSAGE Netherlands Government Public Warning System. No action required. More information: ”

You can consult the setup help via the NL-Alert website to check whether your phone is set up correctly.

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