Nintendo is giving away an exclusive Pokémon – but only for a short time

Nintendo has the donation pants on! To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, all players are given an exclusive pocket monster that you could never catch in the wild – because it has a very special attack.

25 years of Pokémon: Nintendo is giving you a very special Pikachu

There’s a reason to celebrate for Nintendo and The Pokémon Company! Pokémon turns 25 this week. For the occasion it was made its own Event website put on, on which you can celebrate the birthday appropriately.

Especially players of Pokémon: Sword & Shield get their money’s worth – because there is something to dust off for free: a special Pikachu. With the voucher code P25MUS1C you can secure the special electric Pokémon.

But what makes this Pikachu so special? Very easily, it masters an attack that no other Pikachu can learn: singing. You can use the attack to bring other Pokémon to sleep. This not only helps in battles, but also makes it easier for you to catch Pokémon.

Dust off the free Pikachu: this is how you redeem the code

The voucher code for the unique Pikachu is P25MUS1C. We’ll show you where to enter the password to grab the free Pokémon:

  • Start Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Select the “Secret Gift” option in the game menu.
  • Then select the sub-item “Receive a secret gift”.
  • Now you click on “Receive via serial code / password”. Your game will then be saved and a connection to the Internet will be established.
  • Now enter the code.

The new Pokémon games are full of interesting mysteries and funny innuendos. We have selected the best for you:

The Pikachu should then either be transferred directly to your team or to the box. Then save the game to save the Pokémon permanently.

In keeping with the Pokémon anniversary, the Pikachu is level 25. It also has the ability lightning catcher, which reduces the damage suffered from electric attacks and instead increases its own special attack. The item ball lightning carried by Pikachu also helps to further increase the attack and special attack value. In addition to singing, the special Pikachu also masters the attacks of encores, special day and electro ball.

Until March 25, 2021 you can still get the free Pokémon with the voucher code P25MUS1C secure – then the gift campaign ends. By the way: You can currently dust off another Pokémon for free. GameStop is giving away an exclusive Shiny Pokémon. However, the offer is only valid while stocks last. So you should hurry up.

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