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Nidhogg 2 (version for Switch)

The first Nidhogg laid such strong foundations of a simple 2D fencer that it would be strange if the Messhof studio continued next step. Puritans could call for the purity of design and return to the Spartan core of the first piece, but the two have much to offer to them. In addition, the owners of Switche have no choice – only Nidhogg 2, whose strengths, Fortunately, the new console from Nintendo perfectly emphasizes.

If the other part accidentally escaped you know that on other platforms came out more than a year ago. On the simple basics of the first one, he packed several new layers, of which the most striking new weapons are. They add Absolute Minimalism to One in a way that encourages more tactical thinking, even though the gameplay remains the same Nidhogg 2 is a game of two buttons, respectively two buttons and a lever. The whole concept is still on the swordfighting, when you have to get to the opposite side and then through several screens to the destination where the huge dragon Níðhöggr will eat.

But between you and the untouched dragon muzzle is the enemy with exactly the same assignment, the same possibilities and weapons as you. And so begins a frantic hectic dragged to life and a few deaths.

Two swirled about the guns mentioned (which do not force the game, can be turned off), thickened the visual processing and still works great. Minimalism plays here first and foremost, thanks to new weapons, it goes with a style not similar to classic stone-scissors-paper, although not nearly as strictly as in several strategies.

With the dagger in your hand, you do not have to flee the enemy with the two-handed man. Just make it more creative or maybe just faster, and you can make it cheerfully in the direction you need.

Similarly, there is a visual, which is richer, more varied and somewhat interestingly disgusting. Still, he still holds the individuality of the first piece. Similarly stylish is the great music that moves hectic frenzy a little further. It all fits in a way that will give you the logo of the game to the retina and you just will not get rid of it


Singleplayer is not here. You can play yourself, yes, but there is no real campaign, no progress. You do not want anything in the first place, and you’ll still have the whole “campaign” in a few tens of minutes. Artificial Intelligence is really artificial here and does not behave so far in such a malicious and calculating way as it should.

AI even does not know the basic rules of Nidhoggu, so when it runs in your direction and you enemy skip, it runs behind you. This is, of course, an absolutely vital faux pas. As all players of Nidhoggu know well, in such situations you can try to throw a gun over the fleeing shooter, but first you have to turn around and run the other side to get the enemy on your way

For computer-controlled opponents you can not even set difficulty. Because of the similar “gadgets”, the singleplayer balances the gameplay boundary and is good for getting acquainted with the controls


Unfortunately, online mode is also disappointing. As long as we have been searching for someone after long minutes, which was in less than half of the cases (in the bigger part we have had patience), the games were hardly playable. Nidhogg 2 has been madly lagging – sometimes more, sometimes less, but we never got into a perfectly fluent match, which is exactly what you need.

There’s just one tiny bug in Nidhogga, a little inattention, or just an inadequate response, and you’re already losing. Lagays are so completely unacceptable and have been virtually untrustworthy online


Fortunately, it saves all the local multiplayer, which is the main and really the only reason Nidhogg 2 should be interested in you. If you do not have the opportunity to play with a friend on one switch and you are only reliant on single-player or online, put your hands away. Otherwise, prepare yourself for an extremely intense and incredibly entertaining local frenzy

A local multiplayer on one switch is a huge game. The minimalist concept of the first one is still excellent, and Switch as a strong side of the game just bolds out for one simple reason

If you have a Switch you always have a full-featured gaming console ready for local multiplayer. There are still two fully charged drivers on the console itself, and Nidhogg 2 can be fully controlled by a single Joy-Conu. In practice, so do not even need a Dock, just pull out Joy-Cony, Switch to lean between you and instant entertainment in local competitive mode nothing is worth it. The best on Nidhoggu 2 is really available anytime, anywhere and instantly

En Garde!

Nidhogg 2 is exactly the same as the one you want, you accept and love. None of the innovations is so crucial that the net kernel of the game has changed and none is so small that you can ignore it

We also talk about the version of the Switch game all the time, and as you know, you will not be able to play one on this Nintendo console. But there is more to a pair than well, and for couples, roommates, or any group of similarly tuned people, we can not recommend the game

This is all about fading everything else, from scarcely existing single-player to scarcely functional online to over-spartan choices of setting anything. Nidhogg 2 has virtually no sense outside the couch competitive mode. For the cogwheels, the sense is almost absolute.

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