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Nicolette Kluijver: ‘Let go and let go, it is apparently the new theme in my life’

I don’t know how to deal with this. I feel quite a bit pushed aside. Kind of a deserted feeling. Of course I am proud because they grow so fast, but hey hello: where have my babies gone? Do I already suffer from Emptynest Syndrome? How is that possible? Do I have to buy more animals besides my dogs, kittens, rabbits, chickens and horse to get rid of my mountain of love?

Since the summer my children have gone through a growth spurt. As the school principal said: “It’s a very nice development.” Nice developmentā€¦ I no longer exist in public, what’s good about that? My seven year old’s new rules. Point 1: I am no longer allowed to go to school. Point 2: If I meet her at school when I pick up the twins, I have to ignore her. Point 3: she cycles home herself. Point 4: only when she is inside can I hug and kiss her.

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New rules

I can hear you thinking: you have two more and they probably still want a kiss in the schoolyard. Kisses behind the window. But unfortunately, even my five-year-old twins are already coming loose, as it is apparently called. Come off? Why come off? It had been less than a year since I had to unzip them after going to the toilet. Less than a year ago I was allowed to use the vacuum cleaner to suck any ‘nice’ ghosts from under the bed, like ghostbusters. It had been less than a year since they took my hand and asked if I could stay with them in class.

And now Mama has to become a Houdini at school; I am there but I am not there. According to educational books, it is a sign of a good relationship: apparently they are so strong in life that they want to try it for themselves. But already? Didn’t I have them on loan at least until they were eighteen? Hopefully everything is a phase and soon I can just put love notes in the lunch box and throw kisses at the school window again.

Fortunately, until then I have a litter of puppies that need a lot of attention. In four weeks they will go to new owners, another exciting moment. Letting go and letting go, it is apparently the new theme in my life. Bring it onā€¦ I’ll let it go.

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