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Nice gift for under the tree: 7x delicious fragrance sticks

You can place them in your toilet, living room or bedroom. But fragrance sticks also fit perfectly in the hallway, so that your visitors immediately enter a wonderful scent. Do you opt for multiple sets at home? Then go for different scents, so that you are surprised in every room.

If you are a fan of fragrance sticks and use them often, you will find that the perfume will run out quickly. To prevent that, we give you a number of tips:

Dose your sticks

Do not put all the sticks in your diffuser at once, but keep a few. This way, the perfume does not immediately absorb into all sticks and you can enjoy it longer.

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Turn them over

It is important that your sticks do not dry out. Turn your sticks over once a week, so that the scent continues to spread well.

Do not place the diffuser in a warm place

Heat ensures that the perfume runs out faster. So don’t place your diffuser in direct sunlight or directly above your heating.

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Are you looking for a new set of fragrance sticks or do you want to give them as a present at Christmas? We have listed a few delicious scents for you.


Cedar and orange: the perfect combination for a winter scent. Your house will smell wonderful with it for about three months.

Buy it here.



An intense, spicy scent with a hint of mint and wood. Prefer something less strong? Then you go for the light bottle with tea and cardamom.

Order them here.



Fancy a breath of fresh air? These fragrance sticks spread the scent of cucumber and melon. And for that price you immediately buy a new set as soon as the perfume is finished.

You order them here.

Of course


A natural fragrance for your toilet or bathroom, in a stylish bottle. You can easily remove the concrete holder to turn the sticks over.

Order it here.



Top gift for under the Christmas tree: you not only give fragrance sticks, but also a beautiful wooden tray with candles.

Buy the set here.



Costs a few pennies, but then you do have a unique scent of rum and saffron at home. Moreover, the sticks last no less than half a year.

Buy them here.



One of the most popular scents, perhaps because lavender is said to have a relaxing effect? In any case, it’s worth a try.

Here you buy the sticks.

Source: RTL News

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