Nextube is not just a clock for your bedside table

You shouldn’t be averse to a little Soviet in the bedroom, because that’s where the inspiration for the Nextube comes from.

Yes we can all buy a clock at Ikea, but what’s the fun in that? If you really want something unique for your bedside table, for example, then this clock is really something else. What you’re looking at is a clock made with nixie tube. This is a neon lamp and was produced in large volumes in the 1980s by the former Soviet Union.

Inspired by the lamps of the time, Nextube is a retro invention that brings back the high-profile clock. The makers are trying to raise money through Kickstarter to realize the project. That is already a huge success, because they only wanted to raise just over 8,000 euros. More than 175,000 euros have already been raised. Just to indicate how great the enthusiasm is for this project.

It is a retro clock with modern influences. For example, you can also check the weather, check the date and use the thing as a stopwatch. Using LED technology, the clock visualizes the old-fashioned neon light. So they are not real neon lamps, but just sustainable LED lighting.

The project comes from the United States and for about 110 euros you can purchase the Nextube as an early bird.

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