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The other two games have been without a big fanfare of next-gen update and it is definitely commendable that their authors do not forget them even after a few years and give them a fresh touch on the new consoles. The first title is Lary Croft’s last great adventure called Shadow of the Tomb Raider. With the latest update, the game on PlayStation 5 offers 4K resolution and 60 frames per second.

At the same time, developers are not particularly proud of the free update, although they usually do a lot of promotion around similar improvements. Players also noticed that the same game was given a “stamp” on the Xbox, boasting titles specifically optimized for Series X and S consoles. So care should be similar. In any case, good news for fans of the handsome archaeologist, and perhaps one more reason to repeat her thrilling adventure.

Upgrades are far from always free

But the developers from the British studio Rebellion also came up with the next-gen update. Coincidentally, the authors of the Sniper Elite series have now released a VR sequel, but have also found time for the four of 2017. A free upgrade is available for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series and promises 4K, 60 fps and faster loading.

This is a very nice service for a four-year-old game that does not rely on live service elements. In this case, a fresh video draws attention to the novelty, and the fact is that the Sniper Elite 4 still looks great, and quite possibly the trailer will arouse your desire to return to Italy during World War II.

When we come across this topic, it’s worth remembering that titles like Doom Eternal or A Plague Tale: Innocence have recently been upgraded for new consoles. Others are just getting ready for improvement. This applies, for example, to the games Sorcerer 3 or GTA V and Online. However, the authors do not always serve this content for free. After all, however, there are also big differences between them. Some make only minor improvements, some bet on a large native port.

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