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Next federal state starts funding for mini solar system

Balcony power plants are becoming more and more interesting for many people. This not only allows you to produce electricity yourself in times of high energy costs, but also increasingly gives you a subsidy when you buy it. As a result, a mini solar system is now even more worthwhile for many people.

Schleswig-Holstein promotes balcony power plants

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania showed the way with 500 euros and now Schleswig-Holstein is following suit – with 200 euros. The second federal state in Germany has started a subsidy program for balcony power plants. Since January 16, 2023 you can apply for funding. Previously bought mini solar systems are out. Only those who buy a system from this date can use it Secure a 200 euro grant.

In order to receive the 200 euro grant, certain requirements must be met. For example, it must be a plug-in PV balcony system that meets the VDE standards. Most complete sets you can buy will do. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the CE mark, NA protection and so on are available so that you also receive the funding. You must also register the system with the network operator and register it in the market master data register. This is also actually standard.

You have to be careful with the other data. At least 250 watts and a maximum of 600 watts of power are possible. The output power of the inverter counts. You must also have paid at least 400 euros for such a set yourself in order to get the full 200 euros. That State subsidies only 50 percent and a maximum of 200 euros. Two examples:

  • Bought a 350 watt solar system for 300 euros. Your support: 150 euros
  • Bought a 600-watt solar system for 650 euros. Funding: 200 euros

So you have no way to dust off a balcony power plant for free if the prices drop sharply. You get half of that at most. You can find all the details here on the Special page of the funding program “Climate Protection for Citizens”.

A balcony power plant is even more worthwhile with funding:

Sales tax on solar systems has been eliminated

Since the beginning of 2023, no sales tax has to be paid on solar systems and their components. This also applies to balcony power plants. Because of this, they have become much cheaper. If you then get a subsidy from the city, district or state, the system will be profitable much sooner. So before you buy, find out if you have any funding programs.

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