news for 3 and 3+

Fairphone recently presented the Fairphone 4. However, the previously released devices are not forgotten. Now there’s a major update for the Fairphone 2.

Fairphone 2 with Android 10

For the six-year-old Fairphone 2, a new update is being rolled out by the manufacturer. After the manufacturer has recently been beta testing with Android 10, it is now time to roll out the final update to Android 10 for the Fairphone 2. It has collaborated with a software developer in India for a streamlined process. When Android 9 Pie was released last June, we assumed that an update to Android 10 did not seem to be coming.

Fairphone 3 and 3+

Fairphone aims to keep telephones in use for as long as possible. This also applies to the recently presented Fairphone 4. This device comes with a 5-year warranty. Those with a Fairphone 3 and 3+ will be able to participate in the beta test for Android 11 starting later this week.

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