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It storms, it rains and yes: the pans get wet. Since September 22, autumn has started and this is immediately accompanied by ‘natural autumn violence’. The leaves are falling from the trees and the flowers and plants that were blooming so beautifully decide to stop. They are very right. Now that the color from the outside is gradually disappearing, we thought it was time to bring it from the outside in. To give you a helping hand, there is the Planta app. It explains in scents and colors how you keep your flowers and plants alive.


If you have many years of experience in greenery or if you are not yet able to distinguish a rose from a tulip, Planta will help you to take the best possible care of your plants. Plant recommendations, watering schedules and reminders, among other things, should ensure that your plant becomes more beautiful than ever before. The app features easy, step-by-step care instructions for almost all plants out there.

When you first open Planta, you will see several menus appear. Questions are asked so that the app can gauge how good and enthusiastic you are at taking care of plants. You can then start to ‘decorate’ a room in which a certain plant is located. Finally, you fill in what the light conditions are, whether the plant has been repotted and how it was planted. When you have done all this, add the relevant plant and Planta will draw up a care schedule for you. This care schedule includes an overview with information about the plant, plant care tasks and further care instructions.

These can also be expanded through ‘Planta Premium’. This gives you, for example, a light meter, notifications and you can identify a plant by scanning it. This premium subscription costs 8.50 per month or 38 per year. This is a lot of money and therefore probably only attractive to people who have a Helianthus annuus and Helianthus giganteus can distinguish from each other.


If you follow the instructions given, your plants should now be (and remain) sparkling. It keeps them alive, for the ‘Sansevieria and plastic plants fans’ among us, at least in this way. Something that can be a challenge for some.

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Planta - Keep your plants alive

Planta – Keep your plants alive

Taking care of plants is quite a responsibility that rests on your shoulders. If you don’t do it right, lives are soon at stake. Often your plants die a..

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