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New WhatsApp function: groups get an expiration date

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that gives groups an expiration date. But what does this function actually do for you?

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WhatsApp is working on a new group feature

Do you have many unused groups in your WhatsApp list? Then there is good news, because WhatsApp is working on a new function that gives groups an expiration date. The company hopes to put an end to groups that are forgotten after a while and remain unused in your WhatsApp list.

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The new function is mainly designed for temporary groups. These are, for example, WhatsApp groups for a birthday or a drink. After the activity, the group app is often no longer used. With the new function on WhatsApp, these groups are no longer left behind.

Groups are given an expiration date

After the update, when creating a new group, you will be given the choice of whether you want to give the group an expiration date or not. This expiration date does not mean that the group immediately disappears after this date. The administrator of the group receives a reminder on the set date to delete the group and then decides for himself whether the group can indeed be deleted.

At the time of the set expiration date, all members of the WhatsApp group will receive a notification whether they want to leave the group or not. In this way, a group will automatically empty again after the expiration date has passed. Super handy, because that way you will never forget a group that you will no longer use.

customize whatsapp message

Soon you will also be able to edit your messages

WhatsApp is busy behind the scenes with new features for the app. For example, it has recently become possible to send messages to yourself and making WhatsApp stickers on your iPhone will soon be much easier. In addition, it will be possible in the future to edit sent messages.

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It is not yet clear when the new group apps feature will be rolled out worldwide. The option is still being tested in a beta version of the app. It is quite possible that WhatsApp will soon come with a major update, in which all new functions will be launched at once.

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