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New WhatsApp function coming soon: delete sent messages

New WhatsApp function coming soon: delete sent messages

A message to the wrong person or app group, a very embarrassing typo. It’s also part of it, the little misunderstandings on WhatsApp. A while ago, WhatsApp already introduced the option to delete messages. But yes, then there is the notice “Message deleted” for everyone to see. As a result, the necessary “Keep your secrets” gifs, or for the non-boomers “remove message is adje doen” stickers.

All those jokes and jokes are now coming to an end. Or maybe a new game will be created. In fact, a new feature that Meta (Facebook’s pseudonym) says will launch sometime in the next few weeks will allow users to edit posts after they’re sent. You have to be quick though, because editing messages will only be possible in the first fifteen minutes after sending.

The feature will be offered worldwide. Using this function is as we are used to with WhatsApp: simply select the desired message for a second or two and then tap the desired function.

Label custom messages

However, modified messages will be provided with a label, so that everyone knows that the message is no longer in its original state. Next to the message’s timestamp, the English example of Meta contains the word ‘edited’. This is probably simply ‘adapted’ in Dutch.

Meta itself is quite pleased with the function. According to WhatsApp’s parent company, the new function plays an important role in increasing user comfort. Messages no longer need to be completely deleted and rewritten. The feature is likely a response to a similar feature recently released for Apple iMessage.

It is not yet known when the function will be available in the Netherlands.

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