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New voice control now works on Android phones from version 6.0

In 2018, Google launched the Voice Access service, which primarily enables people with disabilities control your Android phone using voice commands. Like the Assistant, it can interact with a mobile phone, however, this newer application also has the task of scrolling through menus or clicking buttons. Voice Access after a few hours old update can do new commands in addition, it is now officially available for all phones with Android 6.0 and later.

Navigate your phone by speaking aloud with Voice Access on Android

The main change that Voice Access Assistant has undergone is a different labeling of voice input fields. Previously, the buttons were numbered, so the user used commands like “tap 1” or “scroll down on 5” (the function is in English only, so we leave the commands in the original). They are now available word markings, thanks to which instructing the phone is a bit easier and more logical. Some types of commands will also be simplified and speeded up. For example, to search on Google, you no longer need to open a search box first and then enter a phrase. Great is also an option divide the screen by a grid into several squares, thanks to which it is possible to move even on the map.

Voice Access

New commands come to Voice Access at the same time as the whole service made available on Android 6.0+ devices. So far, the functions have been limited to the latest eleventh version of the system.

Which new Voice Access feature will be most interesting to you?

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