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New this week on Netflix, Videoland, Ziggo, Film1 and Spotify (week 51)

The weekend is just around the corner, time to watch your favorite movies and series for 48 hours, listen to your favorite music and read your favorite e-books. We have collected the best new content from Netflix, Videoland and Spotify for you in a brand new New this week.


The Ripper (S01)

In the late 1970s, British police have no idea who the serial killer known worldwide as the Yorkshire Ripper is, not to mention an arrest.

→ Watch The Ripper

The Mule

Earl Stone is a single man in his eighties without making a penny. When his company is forcibly sold, he is offered a job where all he has to do is drive a car. That seems simple, but what Earl doesn’t know is that he has signed on as a drug courier for a Mexican cartel. He’s doing well, so much so that his cargo keeps expanding and he’s assigned a handler. But the handler isn’t the only one keeping an eye on Earl; The passionate Colin Bates, agent at the DEA, has the mysterious new drug courier in his sights, too.

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Wolverine (S01)

Logan, aka the mutant Wolverine of the X-Men, is looking for the love of his life, whose criminal father plans an arranged marriage for her.

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Amazon Prime Video

The Grand Tour (S04)

The intrepid trio are back on four wheels for their latest adventure. Armed with sports cars, Richard, James and Jeremy think they’ll have a comfortable ride when they arrive on the exotic island of Reunion and race the world’s most expensive stretch of asphalt. But a bizarre challenge takes them to Madagascar, where they face the world’s worst road.

→ Watch The Grand Tour

The Expanse (S05)

In 200 years, a missing person will be the link between a detective in the asteroid belt, the captain of an ice ship and a diplomat trying to prevent war.

→ Watch The Expanse


Temple (S01)

In a maze of abandoned service tunnels beneath Temple Underground Station, highly respected surgeon Daniel Milton runs an illegal medical clinic that treats criminals and other desperate patients who cannot or will not seek help from regular medical facilities. Daniel sets up the clinic to find a cure for his wife, Beth, who is suffering from terminal illness. Lee, an employee of Temple Station, and Anna (Carice van Houten), a medical researcher, help him run the clinic. A series full of secrecy, trips and issues of trust.

→ Watch Temple

Pathé Home


Henry and Anna’s worst nightmare comes true when their 16-year-old daughter turns out to be seriously ill. When Milla and the rebellious Moses meet by chance, a special bond immediately arises between the two opposites. Her parents are in shock at the arrival of Milla’s new boyfriend, but discard all educational strategies to see their daughter happy.

→ Watch Babyteeth


NSG – Nick & Simon

→ NSG – Nick & Simon are listening


I have the time – Oscar Hammerstein

Three dates are of great importance in the life of lawyer Oscar Hammerstein. When he is told in July 1988 that he is infected with the HIV virus at the time a death sentence, his world collapses. He takes up a healthy life, sports a lot and does everything he can to survive. In the spring of 1994 he is arrested for alleged involvement in money laundering and his survival instinct is used a second time. He is detained for six weeks. Ultimately, he is acquitted on all counts. The murder of his friend Pim Fortuyn is the third benchmark in Hammerstein’s life. The perpetrator has been convicted but the scars are still visible on the lawyer and in our society. In I have the time, Hammerstein speaks candidly about his family and friends, his Leiden student days and his career as a lawyer on the basis of these three life-determining events.

→ I have the time to read

New this week on Netflix, Videoland, Ziggo, Film1 and Spotify (week 51)

More new this week!

We have already given you a nice selection from the new range of streaming services, but there is of course much more New This Week. Are you looking for other new movies, series and music on these streaming networks? On our sister site Nieuw Dit Week you will find everything that is new on Netflix, Film1, Videoland, Ziggo, Kobo Plus, Pathé Thuis and Spotify! Our Belgian readers can visit for the latest films and series on Netflix.

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