New this week on Netflix, Videoland, HBO Max, Disney+ and Pathé Thuis (week 10)

It’s the weekend again and then we’re only too happy to immerse ourselves in all the beauty that the streaming services have in store for us. Here you will discover the best new films and series.

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Pathe Home

Hotel Sinestra

When Ava wishes her overprotective parents away during the skiing holiday, the next morning suddenly all the adults have disappeared. Ava and the other kids must do everything they can to get their parents back.

→ Look at Hotel Sinestra

I Wanna Dance: The Whitney Houston Movie

Whitney Houston starts out as a chorus girl in New Jersey until she is discovered by record executive Clive Davis. In the 1980s, she rises to fame and emerges as one of the most successful and award-winning singers of all time.

→ I Wanna Dance: Watch The Whitney Houston Movie


Outlast (S01)

In the wild nature of Alaska, 16 survivalists compete for a huge cash prize. However, these lone wolves must be part of a team in order to win.

→ Watch Outlast

Luther: The Fallen Sun

Can’t get the mind of an unsolved murder from his mind, brilliant London detective John Luther escapes prison to track down a sadistic serial killer.

→ Luther: Watch The Fallen Sun

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared (S01)

In 2014, a plane with 239 people on board disappeared from radar. This docuseries centers on one of the greatest mysteries of our time: flight MH370.

→ Watch MH370: The Plane That Disappeared


Perry Mason (S02)

In this good old-fashioned detective series you follow the famous criminal lawyer Perry Mason. It’s 1932 and as the rest of America recovers from the Great Depression, decadent Los Angeles is booming. Everyone gets a piece of the pie and at the same time seems to have a double agenda. The ingredients for unrest and mistrust. When a bizarre murder case ends up with Mason, a relentless search for the truth begins.

→ Watch Perry Mason

Amazon Prime Video

The Son

Peter’s busy life with his new partner Beth and their baby is turned upside down when his ex-wife Kate shows up with their brooding teenage son Nicholas. Peter wants to do everything he can to be a better father than his own father was.

→ Watch The Son


MPower (S01)

Each episode of “MPower” reveals the histories and untold stories of the most iconic women in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The women behind The Guardians of the Galaxy, Wakanda, Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch share their victories and are joined by fans whose lives have been touched by their heroes’ stories.

→ Watch MPower


The Hunt for the Mocro-Mafia (S04E01)

Crime journalist John van den Heuvel portrays the complete story of the rise and fall of the Netherlands’ most notorious gangsters of the moment: Redouan Taghi and Saïd Razzouki.

→ Watch The Hunt for the Mocro-Mafia

Holland Sings Hazes 2023

It is the eleventh time that Holland Zingt Hazes is organized in the Ziggo Dome Amsterdam. It is the place where young and old can enjoy André Hazes’ hits, sung by the best artists. With, of course, the long-awaited return of André Hazes. But OG3NE, Kris Kross Amsterdam, Karsu, Jeroen van der Boom, Waylon, Gerard Joling, Jamai, Samantha Steenwijk and John de Bever will also climb the big stage of the Ziggo Dome this year.

→ Watch Holland Zingt Hazes 2023

More new this week!

We have already given you a nice selection of the new range of streaming services, but there is of course much more New This Week. Are you looking for other new movies, series and music on these streaming networks? On our sister site Nieuw Deze Week you will find everything that is new on Netflix, Film1, Videoland, Ziggo, Kobo Plus, Pathé Thuis and Spotify! Our Belgian readers can visit Nieuw for the latest films and series on Netflix.

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