New this week on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Videoland, Storytel and Spotify (week 24)

It’s the weekend again and we are only too happy to delve into all the beauty that the streaming services have in store for us. From movies and series to e-books and music on Spotify. Here you will discover the best new content.



A newly widowed father struggles with doubts, fear, sadness and dirty diapers when he has to raise his daughter alone. A true story.

→ watch Fatherhood

Katla (S01)

The catastrophic eruption of the ice-covered volcano Katla stirs up a nearby community as mysteries emerge from the ice.

→ Watch Katla

Lupine (S02)

Inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin, gallant thief Assane Diop tries to avenge his father for the injustice done to him by a wealthy family.

→ Watch Lupine

Amazon Prime Video


In the near future, 30 young people led by Dr. Richard are sent into space to settle on a new planet. When Christopher and Zack discover they’re being drugged to keep them quiet, they call for a rebellion. When Dr. Richard dies mysteriously, chaos ensues. The crew turns into an unhinged group of youths; not knowing whether the threat they face is inside or outside the spaceship.

→ Watch Voyagers

Prime Day Show (S01)

The Prime Day Show is a three-part special featuring multiple award-winning performers Billie Eilish, HER and Kid Cudi in an immersive musical experience.

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Video country


Edward Snowden thought his dream came true when he joined the CIA and NSA. However, he soon discovers that the American intelligence services are engaged in cyber-surveillance. The NSA, backed by major corporations, is violating the Constitution by collecting mountains of data and monitoring all forms of telecommunications worldwide. Snowden is shocked by this systematic invasion of our private lives and decides to gather evidence.

→ Watch Snowden


Diego Maradona

On July 5, 1984, 23-year-old Diego Maradona arrived at SSC Napoli for a record amount. The club had never won a major tournament before, and longed for more success. The charismatic Argentine pulled Naples to their first ever win, and was adored by many. In a city where even the devil needed bodyguards, Maradona grew bigger than God.

→ Watch Diego Maradona

Pathé Home

Dark Web: Cicada 3301

This intense, fast-paced cyberthriller is based on a series of mysterious, unsolved real-life events. It begins when genius hacker Conner discovers Cicada 3301, an online scavenger hunt that could be a recruiting tool for a secret society.

→ Dark Web: Watch Cicada 3301


→ Liberated / Music For the Movement Vol. 3 listen


revenge hotel

The motive for the first murder was a mystery. Until someone from Tom Thorne’s Serious Crimes team found a stack of letters addressed to the victim, a man who had just come out of prison. It was clear he had been tricked. In the second murder ‘again of an ex-prisoner’ the problem was not so much the motive as the question of who had access to the database containing the prisoners’ data. Does the perpetrator work for the police? Or is it a counselor with its own revenge agenda? In any case, it is established that all the victims ‘because more will follow’ had been convicted of rape.

In this third thriller from Mark Billingham, the lead roles are again for Inspector Tom Thorne and Dave Holland. Their team is now joined by a retired policewoman who has been persuaded to return to work as part of a campaign to overcome the shortage of staff in the police force.

“Billingham is a world-class thriller writer.”
– Karin Slaughter

“One of the most compelling crime writers around today.”
– The Times

“A master of writing raw thrillers. It is especially impressive how realistic his characters are.”
– The Guardian

Mark Billingham is an English author and television producer. He debuted with the thriller Sleeping Death, which reached the Sunday Times bestseller list in England. Over 4 million copies of all titles have been sold in the UK and his books are translated in 28 countries. Billingham’s work has won several awards, including the Sherlock Award.

→ Revenge hotel listen


Man, man, man – the book

After the award-winning podcast now: Man, man, man – the book. About everything men do.

In Man man man, the book Domien Verschuuren, Bas Louissen and Chris Bergström – known for the podcast Man man man – tell you everything you always wanted to know about men but were afraid to ask. Like the podcast, this book features candid conversations about masculinity. It offers a vulnerable and funny insight into how De Moderne Man sees himself today, and how ‘masculine’ he thinks about a whole range of subjects. In addition, the book contains some longer personal stories, in which the authors ‘have no embarrassment to talk about emotions or show who they really are’. Man man man, with more than half a million streams monthly, is one of the most listened to podcasts in the Netherlands. The theater performances that resulted from the podcast attracted thousands of people to the halls. Man man man, the book is the next step in their success story.

‘This is a phenomenon, there is no other way to describe it!’ Eva Jinek

‘Their mutual conversations, always about a different theme, are full of special moments. The key to success is their candor.’ **** de Volkskrant

→ Man, man, man – read the book

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