New technology turns cell phones into doctors

“Oh no, what happened there?” When the skin suddenly becomes red, covered with pimples or blisters appear, alarm bells go off for many people. A new feature in a Google app makes it easy to spot skin changes. All you need is a smartphone.

With an average of 1.8 square meters, the skin is not only our largest organ, it is also a calling card. Because skin changes such as acne or eczema are immediately visible to strangers. Before going to the dermatologist, those affected can at least find out for themselves what is behind the pimple or blister.

Google Lens detects skin changes

This is made possible by a new function in Google Lens. who one skin change notes, according to Google, it should be easy photograph (Source: Google). With the help of image recognition, the US company then tries to determine what it is exactly. An upload function for photos that have already been taken should also be available.

This is how it should look in practice:

Detect skin changes with Google Lens. (Image source: Google)

Google Lens is available for free as a standalone application for Android smartphones in the Play Store. On iPhones, Google Lens is built into the Google app:

Google Lens

On our editorial device, however, the detection has not worked yet. It is possible that the large-scale rollout of the new function is still pending.

Do something good for the environment with apps:

Does not replace a trip to the dermatologist

Kaan Gurayer

As useful as the new feature in Google Lens is, it should never replace going to the dermatologist! Skin changes can be an indicator of underlying diseases that should be clarified by medical professionals.

In addition, there is the question of data protection. Google is likely to link the health data obtained from the photos to its own profile. So the group gets one even more detailed insight into its users. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether the new function is worth it.

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