New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

There is no greater certainty in the game business than Mario. His latest big Odysea came out before and was almost perfect. Nintendo has reached into a long past and pulled out of the hat 2D Maria 2012, which was released on the Wii U, was great and thanks to its everlasting design it is great all the time. Under the name New Super Mario Bros.

Old School Stainless

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If you are the original New Super Mario Bros. Do not know, know it is a surprisingly oldschool platformer. You simply run from left to right, hunt for enemies, collect coins … Absolute classic, which does not need to be long. Innovative stuff in the style of Super Mario Odyssey is definitely not doing here, it is going in 2D and according to the old tracks

The whole game begins with the kidnapping of the princess. Again. However, the story is not good – the first is playing hops, and Nintendo’s performance in 2012 was excellent. He did not grow old in 2019.

In addition, Mario’s little body is so much more deceiving than it might seem at first glance. Cute graphics, even more cute sounds and music are in contrast to uncompromising playability that does not matter to you. At the same time, the creators come very smartly to the smallest


With new coat

New Super Mario Bros. U is in a way a hop from a long time ago, which seems to have fallen since 2019 from the 1980s. The joke is that mature design is not at all damaging. Over the decades of proven and, above all, ageless gameplay, developers can squeeze one interesting new idea after another

Actually, we have the honor with a precisely blended cocktail of old principles with modern elements. One of these fresh new features is suits, such as the squirrel, which you can sail and even hold on to the wall

Suits or any other capabilities (eg old known fireball shooting) are not required. But for a while, they can greatly ease your life or even save you. With your suits you can get where you could not otherwise, and if you want to get the game a hundred percent, you can not do without them

Uncompromisingly playful platform

Top level design is evident from beginning to end. How many times have we been amazed at how much detail the developers have managed to get into one screen and the whole level. Of course, you can do it quickly, do not take too much, and in a little bit of skill you can do it for a few dozen seconds to finish. And it’s fine. But the real fun begins when you try at least a little exploration and collecting coins

New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe hides much more than he knows about it at first glance. Basic level racing is sometimes quite simple, while collecting all the hell difficult. The game excels perfectly on the thin line between the casual slopes and the absolute hardcore hell. Both positions and everything between them manage to excellent.

For experienced and experienced gamers, developers like Maria, or even the whole “New Luigi U” mode, where you get solid. Not even browsing the basic game with Mariem is fun. For younger or less experienced players there is a simpler Toadette that does not suffer as much inertia as Mario and is a little better controlled

Well, for the smallest (or for the complete lamas) there is Nabbit – a strange violet figure reminiscent of a rabbit from Rabbids that is almost immortal. “Almost” because you can always fall with it, but you can walk without fear, they will not do anything to you. You can change the characters at any time outside the levels, so it is not a problem to take on the demanding passage of Nabbita and then send it back to the back

Nabbit is such a secret hero of the whole game, because without him, somehow Switch would have been angry. Some passages of some levels are so demanding that even an experienced player may have to hit Nabbit several times. It’s great for cooperative gaming, for example, when a parent can be Mario while a small baby Nabbit, and both enjoy a fun tailored to their abilities.

Theory of Chaos

New Super Mario Bros. At Deluxe, there is the opportunity to go through a cooperative game with one, two or three buddies. The more people, the more fun, but also the greater the chaos. Four characters at a time are somewhat in some passages

The game stops every time you grab your ability or life for a second. In four, sometimes it stops too often. In addition, the characters are not passable, so you can jump on someone’s head and bounce off or drag someone to the edge from which they fall and kill. By mistake, of course. Or take someone admiringly over your head and throw him to a bitter fate

The cooperative mode is tremendous fun, but the ideal number of players is just two. In the two you still have a good overview and control over the whole situation. There is too much chaos in the four, even if it has something in it

The game just happens to be something a little different and the precise platforming moves almost in survival, when you are just trying to force the brothel to survive, or even a little damage. Or help yourself. But in all cases, it’s great fun.

Za princeznou a ještě dál

For a long time, the new Super Luigi U and the “bonus” modes of Coin Battle, Boost Rush and Challenge, full of tiny adjustments to proven gameplay, can be stretched for another tens of hours. All three modes take existing concepts and either put them on their heads or just modify them to confiscate you for the next few hours

New Super Mario Bros. At no time has any borders moved and New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe has no such ambitions at all. Absence of ambition at the remaster of six year old oldschool platforms does not matter much. In what the game does, in fact, without a single snatch of excellence.

The whole thing is well controlled, it has the perfect and demanding (but fair) curve of learning, it is tuned and technically tapped to imaginary perfection – we have not noticed a single bug, glitche, framerate or any similar problem

Better and richer 2D platform in such a oldschool style, which is extraordinarily playful, demanding and accessible at the same time, you just can not.

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