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new smartphone as soon as possible when acquisition is complete

Honor has been separated from Huawei for several weeks. For example, it hopes to be able to release devices under its own name, without suffering from the American sanctions. Now the company is sharing some plans on what to expect.

Honor wants to present a new smartphone

It has been some time since Honor came out with something new. However, it now seems that we can expect another announcement from the manufacturer soon. Yet enough has happened. A month ago, Huawei finally sold Honor to a Chinese consortium. Huawei is no longer the parent company because the company is affected by the sanctions from the United States. This also affected Honor; the smartphones of that manufacturer could not be delivered with the Google services.

Soon, that may just be different, reports the CEO of Honor, who could remain in his place despite the takeover, on the Chinese network Weibo. George Zhao reports that there are still some administrative procedures to be completed before the acquisition, before Honor becomes an independent brand. When this has happened, a new smartphone will be presented immediately, Zhao reports. In addition, the CEO thanked all Honor fans in an open letter.

Although no names and numbers are mentioned, it seems to be the announcement of the new Honor V40 series, which may then appear in Europe as Honor View 40. The announcement of this series is expected in early 2021, possibly in January. It remains to be seen whether we will see the device in our country. Of course we will keep you informed on DroidApp.

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