New prices for Netflix: subscriptions are getting more expensive

Netflix has announced that it will increase subscription prices for Dutch and Belgian users. The prices for a Netflix subscription increase by several euros per month.

Paying more for Netflix

Video streaming service Netflix is ​​going to raise prices for customers. First of all, it is the turn of the service’s new customers. If they take out a subscription, they will have to dig deeper into their pockets from today. The Basic subscription, where you can watch with a maximum of one screen at the same time, but do not see (U)HD content, remains in the Netherlands at 7.99 euros per month. Belgians will pay 8.99 euros per month for this subscription form.

The Standard subscription, where you can watch with two screens at the same time and also see content in HD, goes from 10.99 euros per month to 13.99 euros per month in the Netherlands. In Belgium, this price was 11.99 euros per month, which is 13.49 euros per month. There is also an increase for the Premium subscription. Prices will rise by two euros in both the Netherlands and Belgium. This equates to a monthly amount of 15.99 euros in the Netherlands (was 13.99 euros) and 17.99 euros in Belgium (was 15.99 euros). With Netflix Premium you can watch four screens at the same time and you can also watch content in UHD quality.

The last time Netflix raised prices in our country was in 2017. Then the Basic subscription was also spared. Tests were already done in 2019 with new prices. The new prices will initially only apply to new customers. However, existing customers will also be passed on the price increase. It is unknown when this will happen. According to Netflix, this will be ‘gradually applied’ to existing customers and they will receive an email from Netflix 30 days before the higher rates take effect.

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