New on Freevee in July 2023: The film and series highlights

New films and series appear almost every day on Freevee. Amazon’s streaming service is also completely free. We reveal which series and film highlights will be released on Freevee in July 2023.

Next to Prime video With Freevee, Amazon has been offering another streaming service in Germany since August 1, 2022. The special thing about it: Freevee does not require a subscription. Users can use Amazon’s new streaming service completely free of charge.

The US group wants to offer its customers “a premium selection of films and series episodes at no additional cost”. The only drawback: the users have to put up with ads. However, the program on Freevee is continuously being expanded.

You can stream the streaming service on Fire TV through the Freevee app and through the Amazon website. The channel is also available within the Prime Video app. For example, you can find Amazon Freevee content in the footer navigation under “Free with ads”.

New on Freevee in July 2023

So that you can keep track of all new releases, we have created a small overview for you. These series and films will be released exclusively on Freevee in July 2023.

(For series that will be released on Freevee in July 2023, we have noted the season in brackets for you. For international films that will be released on Freevee in July 2023, we have added the German title – if available).

July 1

  • Moon
  • scream
  • scream 2
  • The Expendables 3
  • Cedar Cove (Season 1-3)
  • The Streets of San Francisco (Season 1-5)

2nd July

3rd of July

5th July

  • Thunderbird – Shadows of the past

7th of July

10th of July

July 13th

  • Adverse – time of retribution

16th of July

  • Mike and Molly (season 1-6)

17th July

22nd of July

24th July

July 31st

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