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New O2 data tariffs. You can date without a flat rate and contracts

The O2 operator introduces two new data tariffs that can be purchased without time and even without any contract. These are Data Tariffs for prepaid cards. If you don’t like it in any way, then this offer may be just for you. What does the new O2 tariffs offer?

For a long time, if you really wanted to use the data, you had to have a contract with the operator with a regular monthly flat rate. Thanks to virtual operators, there are now more options for those who do not want to be tied down. O2 is now expanding its offer with its new data tariffs for prepaid cards.

From 1 December 2020, it will be possible to purchase two new data tariffs for prepaid cards at the e-shop.

  • Tariff DATA BASIS contains 2GB of data for CZK 199.
  • Tariff DATA FOR DEMANDING contains 7GB of data for 299 CZK.

For both tariffs, the data is valid for 30 days. In order for the package to be renewed for another month, you need to have a top-up credit. The prepaid card also allows call (4.90 CZK / min. to all networks) and sending SMS (CZK 1.90). If a new SIM card is needed, O2 will send it via PPL. With the new SIM card, the customer also gets bonus credit 50CZK. Customers can also receive a variety of gifts as part of the Recharge Reward program.

What are your tips on advantageous data rates?

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