New models solve big problem

Germany needs heat pumps to replace millions of oil and gas heaters that are set to be banned from 2024. However, a heat pump cannot simply be installed in every house, as these require a flow temperature that is too high due to the lack of renovation. Viessmann has presented two new heat pumps that solve the problem precisely for this purpose.

Viessmann heat pumps with more power

Viessmann is one of the largest heat pump manufacturers and is constantly developing it further. Since many more heat pumps of different types will be needed in the future, the company has developed new models and for 200 million euros built a huge factory in Poland. With the Vitocal 250-A and Vitocal 250-A Pro, two new models have now been presented that better meet the requirements for new buildings and renovation projects.

The Vitocal 250-A has an output of up to 8 kW and, with a compact outdoor unit, is primarily aimed at new buildings. For older buildings, however, there are also new expansion stages with an output of up to 18.5 kW at down to -10 degrees a flow temperature of 70 degrees to reach. These are particularly suitable for renovation projects, since higher power consumption is required there to generate warm temperatures.

However, Viessmann not only has normal houses in mind, but is also targeting owners of larger residential and commercial buildings with the Vitocal 250-A Pro and an output of up to 40 kW. If more power is required, you can even four heat pumps can be interconnectedso that an output of 160 kW is provided.

In the video we explain to you about the heat pump:

Competition never sleeps

Not only Viessmann has built a new factory for heat pumps to supply Germany. Vaillant has commissioned a mega factory in Senica, Slovakia, in which 300,000 heat pumps are built each year. Bosch is also constantly developing new models that have high flow temperatures and lower background noise. In this way, more residential buildings can be equipped with heat pumps where this was previously considered impossible. So the technologies are getting better and better and the availability will certainly be too in the coming years.

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