New mobile vaccination certificate. How to download and view

Life is slowly returning to normal after the limitations associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, but many restrictions still apply. To visit a restaurant, for example, or while traveling, we still have to prove by a certificate about COVID-19 disease, vaccination or testing. To facilitate this, the Ministry of Health wants to create the CovidPass application. However, it is still not available, so we have to make do with certificate in paper or PDF form. We will show you how to download and view it on your mobile.

How to download a new coronavirus vaccination certificate in a mobile phone

Since June, new certificates have been issued on COVID-19, vaccinated or tested, and you can get it. download from the web Citizen’s vaccination portal. Here you log in with your birth number and ID card number, ie if you provided your telephone number during the vaccination, to which you will then receive a confirmation code. Another way to log in is through electronic identity.

After logging in, your “COVID -19 card” will appear, where you can click on the rightVaccination certificate“, “Certificate of past illness”Or“Test certificateDownload the required coronavirus certificate in PDF format.

How to view a certificate on a mobile phone

The most common PDF reader on phones is Adobe Acrobat Reader, here you will find completely free in the Google Play app store. The easiest way to get to the store is to click on the link below. After tapping the “Install” choose “Open“. The application will then launch and you will be given a choice of how you want to log in.

Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator

Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator

There is a choice Google account, Facebook profile, Apple ID or Adobe ID. Choose one of the variants and follow the instructions on the screen. Once your account is linked to Adobe, you can go to certificate display. Click “on the bottom bar”Files“And then select”On this device“. Next, you will already see a list of PDF files that you have in your mobile, according to the date of addition, so your certificate will be on his at the very beginning. Then just click on your coronavirus certificate to view it.

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