New measure: pay to share your Netflix account

Netflix: the well-known streaming service where many films and series can be seen. It is used worldwide. For years, Netflix has allowed multiple users to watch on one account. But that is now changing.

Announcement to Dutch users

On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, an email was sent to Dutch Netflix users announcing that a new measure will be introduced. Sharing account credentials with other households has long been tolerated. For example, people could share the costs or use Netflix for free. But now Netflix wants to put an end to that.

More than a third of all Netflix users share their login details with others. With the new policy, Netflix hopes that eventually some of these viewers will also pay monthly.

Netflix’s new measure

Netflix first expects to see a decrease in the number of subscribers. After a while, it is expected that the number of subscribers will increase precisely because users will close their own account. Will you still continue to share your account with someone who also watches regularly? Then you will pay € 3.99 extra per month. You then ‘buy’ a spot for an extra member on your account.

But how can they check this? All accounts are checked using IP numbers and ID addresses. If they see that the account is being used structurally at a different address, that address will be blocked. You will then receive a notification to pay extra or you can of course ensure that the second address is no longer viewed. You can then continue watching on your Netflix account.

Prefer to create an account on another streaming service, such as HBO Max?

Application in more and more countries

This measure is not only being implemented in the Netherlands. This also came into effect in Spain from February. Previously, a trial was already done in Canada and Latin America, among others. Netflix plans to roll this out in multiple countries.

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