New MacBook Pro gets M1X chip and no logo on the front

According to a new rumor, the next MacBook Pro will not get an M1 chip, but an M1X chip. This would be a version of the M1 with more CPU and GPU cores. The iconic Apple logo will also disappear from the front of the new Pro laptop.

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Rumor: New MacBook Pro gets faster M1X chip

The new MacBook Pro will get an M1X chip instead of an M1 chip 9To5Mac. The M1X is said to have more CPU and GPU cores and use less power than its predecessor. Although it is an upgrade, the M1X is expected to differ too little from the M1 to change the figure to a 2. The rumor is in line with previous statements of well-known Lekker Mark Gurman.

Gurman states that multiple versions of Apple’s new chip are in development; one for a redesigned MacBook Air, but also one for a redesigned 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro. It is not stated whether the names of the chips will differ. It’s possible that the cheaper MacBook Air will get a slightly faster version of the M1 chip, while the new Pro laptops will get an M1X chip among the members.

In addition to a new chip, the upcoming MacBook Pro will receive a 1080p front camera, an SD card reader, three Thunderbolt USB ports and an HDMI port, according to the source. Also, the much-loved Magsafe charging port is said to be coming back to the MacBook Pro. It disappeared in 2016 and recently made a return in the iPhone 12 series.

Logo disappears from front

The MacBook Pro gets, according to 9To5Mac no more logo on the front. With this, Apple brings the design of the MacBook Pro more in line with the design of the iMac 2021. Why Apple chooses to remove the iconic logo from the front is unknown. iPhones and iPads also don’t have a logo on the front, so this way all the products from the Cupertino company are more similar.

The iMac 2021 without logo

More about the new MacBook Pro

Thanks to all kinds of rumors, we already know in general what the new MacBook Pro has to offer. The Touch Bar will be dropped after five years and the design would be more in line with the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro 2021. Schematic drawings show that Apple is modifying the design slightly by making the edges harder and thinner. Furthermore, it is almost certain that the MacBook Pro from 2021 will come in two sizes: 14 and 16 inches. The current Pro laptops are available in 13 and 16 inches.

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