New Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa costs 70 euros

Lenovo has released a new version of the Smart Clock Essential. The smart alarm clock works with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and offers support for various docking stations. It will be on sale in April for 69.99 euros.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa

Lenovo will be presenting a new Smart Clock Essential at the CES technology fair in the US. The Essential is a simpler and cheaper variant of the Smart Clock 2 that the company released in June. It is striking that this clock works with Alexa instead of the Google Assistant. Unlike Assistant, Alexa does not yet work with Dutch.

The Smart Clock Essential with Alexa comes without a touchscreen and instead has a regular LCD screen. Of course you can see the time on it, but you also see your alarm clocks, the weather forecast or the title of a song that is being played. The device works with 3W speakers.

The new clock has a fabric-finish housing and physical buttons. You can use it to set an alarm or adjust the volume. There is also again a USB port with which you can charge your phone. You can electronically disable Alexa’s listening ears with the slider.

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Docking accessories

This time, the Smart Clock Essential has been given exactly the same size as the Smart Clock 2, and that was a conscious choice by Lenovo. The device also works with the docking station of the Smart Clock 2, which serves as a night lamp and wireless charger. Lenovo is also releasing a new Ambient Light Dock that works as a night lamp and shines colored light. There are eight different light modes and you can ask Alexa to adjust the light.

┬ĘPrices and Availability

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa will come to Europe in April and it will cost 69.99 euros. He appears in a Misty Blue and Clay Red color. The Ambient Light Dock will soon be yours for 29.99 euros.

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