new headset for 99 euros

We had actually expected the new headset from Google during Google I/O, but that was not the case. Now we can still meet the new Pixel Buds A.

Pixel Buds A

Many brands now have wireless Bluetooth earphones and Google is still doing in this segment. Google has now announced the Pixel Buds A. This new headset offers 12mm audio drivers and thanks to Bass Boost, the bass transmission should be even better. The Pixel Buds A do not have ANC (or Active Noise Cancelling) but their own technology; Ambient Sound. Based on the ambient noise present, the music in your ears is adjusted so that you do not experience any nuisance from your environment.

An interesting feature that we saw earlier is the possibility to translate in real time with the Pixel Buds A. Handy if you get into a conversation with someone who speaks a different language. It is a pity that this only works with the Pixel smartphone. The Pixel Buds A come in a case, which brings the total usage time on a battery charge to 24 hours. With full batteries in the earbuds themselves, the endurance comes out at 5 hours.

Google itself seems to have no reason to release the products throughout Europe. In Germany and France you can buy them from June 17, but in the Netherlands and Belgium we are still unlucky. The price is 99 euros.

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