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New hammer offer for Apple’s latest phone

Have you waited until now to buy an iPhone 14? That’s a good thing, because the new Apple cell phone is currently available really cheaply. The price is only valid today for Black Friday.

Update from November 25th: Apple’s current iPhone 14 hits a new price low on Black Friday. You pay on eBay today only 844.99 euros (view on eBay). But to get this price you still have to Coupon code “CYBER22” enter. The price of 894.99 euros is reduced by 50 euros.

Apple iPhone 14 - 128GB - BLACK - MIDNIGHT - SIMLOCK-FREE - OVP

Apple iPhone 14 – 128GB – BLACK – MIDNIGHT – SIMLOCK-FREE – OVP

The price may be higher now. Price as of 11/25/2022 8:09 am

The colors available are midnight (view on eBay), blue (view on eBay) and polar star (view on eBay) at this price.

Original article:

Compared to the iPhone 13, Apple noticeably increased the prices for the new iPhone 14. The reason was and is the poor value of the euro, Apple recently let us feel this when calculating the prices for the new and old iPads. Officially, the prices of the iPhones do not fall in the Apple Store, but there is still the free market. It doesn’t have to stick to Apple’s recommended price. This is now becoming particularly clear with two models that already significantly cheaper are available.

iPhone 14: Current market check of Apple cell phones

the regular iPhone 14 costs at least 999 euros at Apple – almost a thousand. In free trade, on the other hand, there are currently one or the other model for 150 euros less, so the prices already start depending on the colour at 849 euros (View price comparison at Idealo).

For the best price on eBay (849 euros), a voucher code (POWERWINTER) amounting to 50 euros must currently (until 16.11.1) be entered:

Apple iPhone 14 128GB Blue Blue 6.1" 5G - differential taxation - NEW OVP

Apple iPhone 14 128GB Blue Blue 6.1″ 5G – differential taxation – NEW OVP

The price may be higher now. Price as of 11/25/2022 06:26

Even with the iPhone 14Plus can be saved. As is well known, Apple wants at least 1,149 euros. In free trade, on the other hand, we find Prices from 949 euros – a discount of 200 euros (see price comparison at Idealo).

The eBay voucher is also valid here:

Apple iPhone 14 Plus (128GB) - Midnight Black

Apple iPhone 14 Plus (128GB) – Midnight Black

Instead of 1149 euros RRP: Smartphone with 6.7 inch Super Retina XDR display and A15 Bionic Chip.

The price may be higher now. Price as of 11/25/2022 07:13

The reason for such a significant drop in prices is clear: demand is much lower than Apple had hoped, inventory pressure is high, and smaller retailers are the first sellers to pass this on to customers. A different picture emerges from the two professional models.

Neither at iPhone 14 Pro (View price comparison at Idealo), still at iPhone 14 Pro Max (View price comparison at Idealo), I can really save something. A “Discount” of 10 euros there is already a lot. The demand is enormous, but due to production difficulties Apple can still deliver less than hoped. It goes without saying that prices stay up at such moments. In our estimation, the situation will not really improve until next year. You won’t be able to get bargains on the professional models until March 2023 at the earliest, before that the prices should stay with us for a while.

All current iPhone 14 models at a glance:

Is it worth buying?

Major innovations compared to the iPhone 13 are almost only found in the Pro models (camera, Apple chip, “Dynamic Island” notch replacement, always-on display, etc.). An upgrade is worthwhile if you can get hold of a model in stores in a timely manner.

The regular iPhone 14, on the other hand, is more of an “iPhone 13s”. Old Apple chip and only a few detail improvements such as the new car accident detection or the action mode of the camera. It replaces a so-called gimbal and always ensures blur-free video images. The biggest plus is the new iPhone 14 Plus in the truest sense of the word – a normal iPhone with the display size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but without its advantages. Ergo: The screen alone is larger, but it is neither brighter nor smoother.

They’re worth it standard models therefore actually only for price-conscious buyers, whose current iPhone is already a few years old. On the other hand, if you own an iPhone 12 or 13, you don’t have to strike.

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