New Apple AirPods will go into production next month

The new Apple AirPods will roll out of the factory in August and this is what you can expect.

Positive or negative: Apple always knows how to loosen the tongues. This is also the case when they unveiled the AirPods in 2016. Instead of the wired EarPods that you get in the box with your iPhone, AirPods are wireless earphones that you have to buy separately, for a pretty solid 180 euros. However, it turned out to be a hit and the wireless earbuds are still selling well.


That while not much has changed to the AirPods in those five years. The only really big difference with 2016 is that since 2019 you can also opt for the more advanced AirPods Pro. These are more expensive, but offer better noise cancellation and better water resistance. It is also a slightly different story in terms of design: a wider and lower case with earplugs that resemble a hair dryer.

AirPods 2021

According to a report from Nikkei Asia, new AirPods are on the way! These would go into production in August. Nikkei is small-scale with their information, except that there are changes planned. Exactly what these changes will be remains to be seen. We do have previous information that might paint a picture.

Normal Pros

Rumor has it that the standard AirPods would be equated with the Pro. In terms of design, then. Both the design of the Pro with the rubber parts and the wider case would now also be used for normal ears. This is to make the two equal in design and to give Pro users only extra functions.

AirPods Pro 2

More radical changes are coming for the AirPods Pro, you can expect them in 2022. Expect a completely new design and the latest technologies. Again, it doesn’t get much more specific than that.

As always, wait and take with a grain of salt. When the new AirPods roll off the band, Apple will announce how and what exactly.

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