New APPart Podcast explores what your phone says about you

APPart is a new podcast from Androidworld, and together we discover what our phone and apps can say about our personality. So we investigate, say, the ‘telephone character’ of our central guest. Kees Folmer, founder of, kicks off.

APPart Podcast

Kees Folmer is a fan of Honor at a time when there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the smartphone brand. The former subsidiary brand of Huawei disappeared from the Benelux for the second time last year due to serious problems at Huawei, and it made a restart as an independent brand.

Kees, on the other hand, still writes daily news articles about Honor in his spare time on his website In APPart we find out why, and we also talk about the phone he uses today along with some special apps on the device. What do we learn from all this information about Kees’ personality?


APPart investigates the bond between man and his smartphone: the ‘telephone nature’. We all expose an awful lot of ourselves on our smartphones, and our digital friend therefore knows more about us than our closest friends and family. Is our personal really reflected on an AMOLED screen, as it were? Find out in the first episode of APPart.

You can watch the new Androidworld podcast series on our YouTube channel and soon you can also listen to APPart via the well-known podcast apps. Let us know what you think in the comments at the bottom of this article or on YouTube.

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