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New accessories add a practical function to Thermomix

It’s not cheap, but it’s practical: Vorwerk has introduced the “Vegetable Styler” for its Thermomix. It expands the popular food processor with a function that Thermomix owners have been wanting for years.

Thermomix owners are used to steep prices. Vorwerk charges 1,399 euros for its popular food processor. So it’s hardly surprising when the traditional Wuppertal company also digs deep into their pockets for a new accessory.

Vorwerk presents vegetable grater for Thermomix

with 99 euros the new vegetable styler makes a difference. Behind the chic name hides a Attachment for the food processor, with which vegetables and fruit are made small (source: Vorwerk). There are four different types of cuts: thin slices, thick slices, thin grater and thick grater. This should give the Thermomix dishes a whole new flair: “With the new vegetable styler, you can now set new standards in serving and create great looks with just one slice,” promises Vorwerk.

You can see how the Vegetable Styler performs in practice here in the video:

Vegetable styler for the Thermomix

from total The vegetable styler consists of five parts: A slider that allows the ingredients to be gently and evenly pressed down. A grater lid that covers the turning disc. The turning disc itself, which is double-sided and made of steel. In addition, there is a collection insert for around 800 grams of cut or grated ingredients and an axis that sits on the mixing knife and makes the rotation possible.

Vegetable Styler not yet available separately

The vegetable styler for the Thermomix is ​​not yet available separately. The official start of sales will be in June 2023. Before that, the vegetable cutter can only be obtained as a hostess gift for a cooking experience or as part of the “Well in shape” package, which includes a Thermomix TM6, a cookbook and the vegetable styler for a total of 1,449 euros costs.

If you want to pay less, you can also find Thermomix alternatives from Lidl or Aldi.

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