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‘Never saw it again’

Photography: Kee & Kee

Kirsten Schilder (39) is married to singer Nick Schilder and mother of Nikki (12), Julian (10) and Jackie (6).

I rarely arrive too late, but a relaxed departure is a completely different story. Because that car key, was it in my coat or in my bag? And what bag did I actually have with me the last time – and where did I put it? Nick never goes wrong, he puts his house key, car key and wallet in a fixed place. Smart, handy and definitely worth copying, because I even once managed to magically remove a key completely with my way of storage – never to be seen again.

Fixed place

The other day, after another hurried search just before I had to leave the house, it occurred to me that this had been the last time; it was time for a permanent place. And I immediately had a good reason: the leash, which I had bought well in time for the arrival of our dog. I really couldn’t lose it, so I put it somewhere where I had other essentials would keep from now on. A place out of the reach of children, and where no avalanche of other things could be laid upon. I even put the strap down here with a little pride, because what a peace it would give me to never have to experience that last-minute panic again.

“I even managed to completely remove a key – never again
seen again!”

Cleaned up too well

I thought. Because where is this place? I have no idea! This place is so well hidden and protected from all the violence of a family with three children that I have not found it. So just before we went to pick up little Doefie, there was still panic. The enthusiasm of my family members got my back: Nick and the kids also bought a leash! Did that work out just as well…

I guess I’m just not a regular place woman. So I put my car key back in my bag. Or was it in my coat?

Love, Kirsten

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