Never obsolete? Modular DIY laptop celebrates milestone

A suitable marketplace has now been opened for the modular DIY laptop framework, in which all individual parts and modules of the DIY notebook can be bought. In addition to SSDs and RAM, there are also processors and even motherboards for replacement. There is one big catch, however.

Framework: modular notebook gets marketplace

When the Framework laptop was presented in May 2021, the developers made a promise: In the future, it should be possible to purchase individual modules separately so that the laptop can be expanded over time. Now you have kept your promise and present your own Marketplace for memory, processors, connections – and even for hinges.

The idea behind the project is a completely modular and easily repairable laptop that will not become obsolete. The memory, for example, can now be expanded using individual modules. “Expansion Cards” are available for this purpose, which provide a capacity of up to 1 TB at the start of the marketplace. For the installation not even a screwdriver needed and the notebook itself does not have to be opened either. Instead, the module is simply plugged in (source: Framework).

The situation is different for larger components. In order to install an Intel Tiger Lake processor, expand the RAM or replace the mainboard, the laptop must be opened. The manufacturer offers this detailed instructions at. The laptop is also designed in such a way that individual parts can be exchanged comparatively easily.

The new Fairphone 4, which we have in the Video introduce:

Framework: The shop is up, the delivery is not

Framework’s marketplace is now open, but many components are currently open Not yet available. It has not yet been communicated when they will actually be available for purchase. Another obstacle is even more important: delivery to Germany or other EU countries is not currently planned. If you like, you can get information about this by e-mail.

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