Netflix Wrapped: this is how you view your personal annual overview of 2020

Are you curious about how much you watched Netflix in total in the past year? With this special Chrome extension you can view your statistics for 2020 at a glance.

Netflix Wrapped

Every year the music service Spotify comes with a nice overview of the year in which it reveals in scent colors which music, artists and genres have fascinated you the most in the past year. Recently there was also a Spotify Wrapped 2020, but it is a pity that there is no similar annual overview of your Netflix viewing behavior of the past year.

That’s exactly what TikTok user @nikodraca thought, which is why he went looking for his statistics from Netflix. He found a way to retrieve that data and turned it into a handy tool to make that whole process a lot easier for users. You can now request your own data using its Chrome extension Netflix Wrapped. Find out how long you’ve watched Netflix, calculated in both days and hours, which genres of content were most important to you, and which days of the week and months you watch the most. You also discover for what age the content you watch is suitable.


In this simple step-by-step plan we explain how you can watch your Netflix Wrapped yourself. You just need Google Chrome for desktop – or another browser that works with Chrome extensions – and, of course, a Netflix account.

What did your Netflix Wrapped look like? Are you surprised by some of the findings? Do you think Netflix should quickly make its own annual overview? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article. Do you like annual overviews? Also check out Google’s Year in Search annual overview with all the new search trends.

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