Netflix will step on users who share a single account. Does it concern you?

Netflix has begun warning some users that they need their own account to use the service. Netflix allows you to monitor the service on multiple devices at the same time with a single account within the home. Conversely, sharing Netflix accounts with friends or acquaintances is against the terms of service. How will the check work and can it be bypassed?

Sharing a single Netflix account among multiple subscribers is a long-term phenomenon. Although this is behavior that is prohibited in the terms of use of the service, Netflix has tolerated it for many years. Even alone The head of Netflix has said in the past that he doesn’t mind sharing Netflix accounts, as over time these users become full subscribers. But these times now it’s probably over.

Netflix has now started warning first users that they need to live with the account holder in one household or they must purchase their own subscription. Users have the option to enter one-time verification code with email or SMS to confirm that their account is. Bypassing the rules in this way would probably be very inconvenient for most users. Netflix has also started offering these users the option a 30-day free trial. So the days when some people had Netflix “free” may be coming to an end.


What streaming services do you subscribe to?

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