Netflix will also offer games in addition to series and movies

Netflix now focuses on movies and series, but games will be added soon. The streaming service has released this news. What exactly can we expect?

Gaming at Netflix

Streaming service Netflix has announced that it will offer games. For this, the brand has embraced an employee of Electronic Arts. At the moment it is in an early stage, with it not known when the games will be released. It is clear that Netflix will not charge users for the additions of games, and therefore these are included in the subscription.

Many details are not given by Netflix. The company does say that the focus will be on mobile apps first. This means that we can expect Netflix games first for Apple iOS and Android. In addition, it is considered more likely that the games are connected to the series and films that the company offers, although nothing further is known about this.

If there’s more interesting information to report, we’ll keep you posted on DroidApp.

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