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Netflix update: the end of jerks on Android TV!

Do you watch Netflix on a box or a TV under Android TV or Google TV and your videos jerk? It’s not your device getting old, it’s a frame rate issue. Fortunately, your ordeal is over since the last Netflix update…

Do you have a box/TV under Android TV or Google TV? Then you may have problems with the display of movies and series. You should know that the contents of the platform are broadcast at 24 frames per second or in fractional frame rates such as 23.976 fps. The latter is still frequently used and this can cause jerks, because this tiny difference of 0.024 image is not insignificant over the length. The film tries to “catch up” on the original rhythm and this results in this very painful “hiccup” if your device does not know how to restore this “frame rate”.

It may be a detail for you, but for moviegoers it means a lot

It goes pretty unnoticed in action scenes, but when you have a slow sideways dolly, it’s obvious. While this problem has long been fixed on other platforms, it was not yet the case on some Android TV devices (Android 12).

However, since version 10.0.4 of Netflix, the application has integrated the “Match content frame rate” option which manages these two frequencies in addition to the 50 and 60 fps which have become very frequent. This is not yet a panacea for streaming platform aficionados since Disney+, Amazon Prime Video or Paramount+ have not yet integrated this function into their respective applications. For Netflix, just update your app as usual and that’s it! Check in the settings that you have this new version 10.0.4 to be sure!

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