‘Netflix The Haunting goes to the bottle’

The horror series The Haunting of ‘started spectacularly, but may not be continued on Netflix.

With Dutch talent in the form of Michiel Huisman, The Haunting of Hill House appeared on Netflix in 2018. It was an incredibly scary series, at least for the undersigned. Now I’m not much of a horror fan anyway, but I still wanted to give it a try. I did not succeed. My night’s sleep was not getting any better, shall we say. There was a huge group of fans for it The Haunting of and the series will be continued.

This year, The Haunting of Bly Manor appeared on Netflix with a completely new story. This new season was already less well received. Where Hill House scored an 8.6 on IMDb, Bly Manor is still stuck at 7.4. A third season of the series does not seem to be possible. The bad news comes from the show’s creator, Mike Flanagan.

He responded on Twitter to a curious fan’s question. He says that nothing is planned for a new one in 2021 The Haunting of on Netflix. With that, it seems likely that the American streaming service will leave it with these two released stories of the horror series.

A disappointment for fans, but not a complete surprise. Netflix is ​​strict about ordering new seasons. Often it has been good for two, three or at most four seasons, according to the American streaming service.

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