Netflix That ’90s Show as a spin-off of popular series

Remember That ’70s Show? The concept of that series is now being revived with That ’90s Show on Netflix.

Can you also enjoy series from the past? I do. In that respect, it is a pleasure that Seinfeld can now be seen on Netflix. Go back to the time without smartphones and the internet.

In the late 1990s to 2006, That ’70s Show was made. A series that looked back on about 30 years ago. The show marked the breakthrough for Ashton Kutcher as an actor and Mila Kunis as an actress. By the way, that couple has been married for six years now, but that is completely aside.

That ’90s Show

Because of the large dose of nostalgia, That ’70s Show was a huge success. Netflix wants to repeat that concept with a new series called That ’90s Show. Deadline will inform you about this. There was also a That ’80s Show in the past, but this series was not as successful as its predecessor.

Because now thirty years ago we are in the nineties. Repeating That ’70s Show’s recipe in the spirit of the 1990s doesn’t sound so crazy after all. It should really act as a spin-off of That ’70s Show, with a (partial) return of the cast. Netflix is ​​said to have already ordered the show.

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