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Netflix stops the Essential subscription in Canada (soon in France?)

Netflix has decided to put an end to its Essential subscription, namely the one that costs the least (without advertising). This concerns Canada for the moment, but we can imagine that it will extend to other countries in the future, with potentially France.

The Essential subscription, which costs €8.99/month in France, has simply disappeared from the Netflix catalog in Canada. “The Basic plan is no longer offered to new and re-enrolling members. If you are currently on the basic plan, you can keep it until you change your subscription or cancel it », noted the platform on its website.

In fact, Canadians now have three options: Standard with ads (€5.49/month), Standard (€13.49/month) and Premium (€17.99/month).

Naturally comes a question: why this withdrawal? Netflix does not say anything specific, but we guess that the streaming service wants to bet on its offer with advertising, launched in November. It turns out that this one is quite successful. It’s also a way for Netflix to inflate the starting price for those who don’t want ads.

For the moment, only Canada seems to be affected by the withdrawal of the Essential subscription from Netflix. To see when other countries, like France, will also have the right.

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