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‘Netflix show producer poisoned by colleague’

A producer of the upcoming Netflix series The Three-Body Problem has been poisoned during production, possibly by a colleague.

A producer on Netflix show The Three-Body Problem has died, probably from poisoning. The series will be created by Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss and produced by Lin Qi. The latter was probably poisoned by his colleague after a collision on the set of the show.

Netflix producer The Three-Body Problem Poisoned

A producer of the Netflix series The Three-Body Problem may have been poisoned by a colleague. The Chinese, Lin Qi, worked as a producer for the book adaptation of the eponymous series. He was also the foreman of game company Yoozoo, which recently made the browser game for Game of Thrones.

One of his colleagues, Xu Yao, is said to have poisoned him after a feud during production. The man is a top executive in Yoozoo’s television division and also worked on the book adaptation. What the discussion was about is not known. But after the fight, Yao reportedly put poison in a cup of tea. Qi then ended up in hospital, where he later died.

The sci-fi series is based on a book series by a Chinese writer. That explains the involvement of Chinese producers. So the makers of Game of Thrones are also working on it, which is painfully a bit ironic. After all, the whole incident could just come from the popular fantasy series.

The Three-Body Problem is still in production at Netflix and has no release date yet.

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