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Netflix: our 15 tips for mastering the platform like a chef!

Note that these tips are usable on a computer, but you can very well use them on a smartphone or tablet. If you make a change on one machine, your account/profile will retain those changes, no matter what device you’re logged in to…

1 – Create profiles

Grouping together to share a Netflix subscription is a good way to reduce the cost of the service. Unfortunately, Netflix is ​​going to end it this year. But under one roof, it is convenient to separate user profiles for the history of what has been viewed and benefits from suitable suggestions. To do this, simply click on Add profile, right after connecting to the service. Or click on the menu at the top right and choose Manage profiles. Note that a profile Youth will not have access to inappropriate content.

2 – Activate parental control

A profile Youth limits the content accessible to films and series suitable for children. But nothing prevents them from switching to your profile to circumvent the limitation! The solution is to enable parental controls on all profiles. To do this, in the menu (top right), choose Account and click on Profiles and Parental Controls. Select the profile and do To modify in Profile Lock. Enter your password and check the Require PIN entry box.

3 – Clean the history

Have you started watching a movie, but you don’t like it? The problem is that Netflix will continue to offer it to you in the section To resume… Solution: go to the poster of the series or film and click on the cross synonymous with Delete from section. You can then choose I like it but I don’t want to continue reading, I do not like Where Simple cleaning.

Netflix Tips

4 – Use keyboard shortcuts

You certainly know that we can use the key Space (Where Hall) to pause or resume playback (like on YouTube). But there are other handy shortcuts: the key F allows you to activate or deactivate full screen mode, the keys Up arrow and Down arrow control the volume, key M mute the keys left arrow and right arrow are used to go back or forward 10s.

5 – Adjust the quality

Netflix automatically adjusts the video quality based on the connection speed. But it is possible to control this parameter yourself. First select the relevant profile, and from the menu select Accountthen Reading Settings (to section My profile). Choose Weak to reduce data consumption, or High for a higher quality image. Click on Save to validate your choice.

Netflix Tips

6 – Access hidden categories

The categories of content offered by Netflix are quite coarse, which does not facilitate the exploration of the catalog. But the service actually recognizes a huge number of categories and subcategories. To find out how to access it, just read our dedicated article…

7 – Prioritize the VO

Do you prefer to watch films and series in their original version? Start playback, then click on the speech bubble Audio and Subtitles, bottom right of the image. Select language [VO] in the section Audioand French to section Subtitles. Thereafter, Netflix will continue to offer you the VO by default, as long as you have not changed these choices.

8 – Customize subtitles

You can adjust the appearance of the subtitles to your liking, if you find them difficult to read, or on the contrary a little too present on the screen. To do this, choose Account in the menu at the top right, then click on your profile then Displaying subtitles. There you can change font or text size, choose shading, etc. The text displayed at the top of the window reflects these choices. Validate with Save.

Netflix tips

9 – Download movies and series

The Netflix mobile application, on Android or iPhone, allows you to download films and series to watch them offline, on a train or plane for example. If your PC is running Windows 8 or 10, you can install the Netflix app available from the Microsoft Store to take advantage of this feature, which is missing from the web service. A button Download appears on the file of downloadable films or episodes. Not all of them are: to display only downloadable titles, click on the menu, at the top left, then on Downloadable content. We made a short video to show you how it all works…

10 – Send suggestions to Netflix

Films or series that you would like to see are not in the catalog? You can suggest Netflix to add them. To do this, choose Help Center in the menu (top right), and in the section Quick linksclick on Request movies or TV shows. Type in the title(s) in question and click Submit a suggestion.

11 – Know what just came out

Want to know the latest titles released on Netflix? The section Recent Platform Additions only gives you a vague glimpse of it, perturbed by your supposed preferences (as established by the Netflix algorithm). Rather go to All the films and series present in the catalog are listed there, with the most recent releases at the top (you can change the sorting criterion). The site also works for Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video!

12 – Watch a movie

Netflix offers audio description for certain content: a voice description of the image is inserted between the dialogues. A device for the visually impaired, which can also be used to “listen” to a movie while doing something else. Try ! Click on the link Audio description, at the very bottom of the homepage, to access this content. To enable or disable audio description, click on the bubble Audio and Subtitlesbottom right of the image.

Netflix Tips

13 – Disable autoplay

When an episode ends, Netflix automatically starts playing the next one. And you indulge in watching it, when you had decided to limit yourself to one episode tonight! If you prefer to disable this feature, choose Account in the menu at the top right, and click on Reading Settings (to section My profile). Uncheck the box Automatically launch the next episodeand click Save.

14 – Disconnect other devices

Netflix refuses to launch a movie by informing you that “Too many people are using your account at the moment”? It could be a dishonest friend taking advantage of your account because you forgot to log out after a session at their place, or it could be an outright hack. To fix the problem, choose Account in the Netflix menu, and click Manage access and devices. Here you will see the devices name, locations, last used, etc. Clean up. More radical: it is also possible to do Sign out of all devices.

Netflix tips

15 – Evaluate films

Netflix highlights films and series that you may like, based on what you have already watched, but also on the ratings you have left. To benefit from more relevant suggestions, be sure to rate the films and series you have watched, by clicking on the thumbs up (like) or thumbs down (dislike), on the film sheet.

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