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Netflix now lets you only listen to the sound of a film or series

Netflix is ​​experimenting with a new functionality in which you only play movies or series with sound. You can turn off the video images in this way. The function is accessible to some of the users.

Netflix with sound only

In October it turned out that, according to information in the code of the app, Netflix will soon have a feature to only play sound in its app. At the time, the developers were still working on this function, but now it is also available to some of the subscribers, Android Police knows that.

The ability to only listen to a film or series and not view images can have advantages. For example, if you would like to follow your favorite series while traveling by public transport, but at the same time want to be economical with mobile data. When you switch off video, it results in much lower consumption.

That is how it works

The ability to turn off video is also very simple. You just start a series or movie and from the interface of the video player tap on ‘Video out’. You can then reactivate the images with ‘Video On’. Netflix has also been given a setting that allows you to choose to only hear sound from all content.

This functionality will not work equally well with every series, because in many cases the images contribute to the atmosphere and comprehensibility of a series. Still, the functionality can potentially work well for stand-up comedy or documentaries.


The feature is available via a server-side update for some of the users. That is, there is no way to force the functionality if you don’t already have them. This year Netflix also brought the option to change the playback speed and new top 10 lists have been added to the app.



Netflix is ​​a video streaming service that was launched in September 2013 in the Netherlands. This makes it possible to watch unlimited films and series on a smartphone and …

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