Netflix makes downloading on Android even more convenient

Photo via Netflix

You can download Netflix content and watch it offline for a long time, but there was a bit of a clumsy requirement. That is no more now.

Watching downloaded content on Netflix has been a thing for years and the streaming service is making that feature more and more convenient. For example, we can have the app automatically download the next episodes of series for a long time. You can even let Netflix download new suggested content for you. Now Netflix removes one of the last restrictions on the download feature and introduces partial downloading.

Netflix lets you download partial content

The brand new feature is currently only available on Android, Netflix said in a blog post. From now on, users can partially download films and series and watch them as far as available. Until now, you could only view fully downloaded content.

For example, it could happen that you stopped downloading a movie just too early. Even if only the last minute is missing, you still couldn’t watch the film until recently.

Another use case is that of users with mediocre WiFi. For example, if you’re in a hotel with poor WiFi, you may not be able to watch an episode of something. Going into the pool, taking a shower and going to the buffet while Netflix is ​​downloading can be the solution. But again, the download had to be completely finished before.

The addition to the download feature is now rolling out for Netflix’s Android app. In their own words, a similar function for iOS will be tested in the coming months.

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