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Netflix is ​​coming this year with Shuffle function for everyone

Good news for those who have no idea what they want to watch on Netflix. The video service releases the shuffle function for everyone. When can you expect the position?

Netflix shuffle

You spend longer looking for a series or film than you are watching the film or series yourself. Recognizable? You’re not the only one. Many browse through the enormous range of Netflix and ultimately do not know what to watch. The video service now wants to make this easier for users.

The shuffle function should be available to everyone in the first half of 2021, Netflix says. Previously there were reports about the shuffle function, but then it was only available for a limited group. So that is about to change. It’s a feature ideal for those who don’t know what to watch. For some users, some sort of shuffle function is already available in Netflix for a set-top box.

Netflix is ​​still extremely popular. During the announcement of the latest quarterly figures, the service announced that there are 203 million subscribers.


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