If you stop on a certain title on Netflix for a short time, for example to read the table of contents, a preview starts automatically for many series and films. What might be a useful feature for some is just plain annoying for many. Here’s how you can turn off Netflix’s automatic preview trailers on all devices.


If you prefer to read the synopses of films and series in peace and don’t want to be bombarded with a loud trailer every time, you can fortunately deactivate the preview, which starts automatically.

How to disable automatic preview

On smartphones and tablets

  1. Opens the Netflix app on your mobile device.
  2. Types at the profile selection on the top right pen icon (✎).
  3. Select the profile for which you want to disable automatic preview.
  4. Types in “Auto Preview” on the sliderchanging it from Enabled (Blue) to Disabled (Gray) is provided.
    Netflix App Disable Auto Preview
    Image source: GIGA

On the PC

  1. Opens the Netflix page in a new tab of yours browsers.
  2. Log in with your account data and dials in Netflix profile out of.
  3. Go with the mouse on yours Profile picture and then click in the drop-down menu “Account”.
  4. Scrolls to the menu item “Profiles and Parental Controls” and click on the profilewhere you want to disable automatic preview.
  5. Click at “Playback Settings” on the Change link.
    Image source: GIGA
  6. Removed now under “Autoplay Settings” the Hook at “Automatic preview when browsing the title selection on all devices” removed.
  7. Finally you have to go to the “Save” button Press to accept the setting.

Sometimes it may take a while, requiring a restart of the Netflix app or device, for the setting to take effect. If the automatic trailer preview continues to start after a long wait, even though you have disabled it in the settings, you will need to contact Netflix support to resolve the issue. In the following article, we will show you how you can reach the Netflix service team in various ways: Netflix support – contact customer service via hotline, chat & app.

By the way, you can also switch off the automatic playback of further episodes on Netflix. We explain exactly how this works here:

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