Netflix charges 2 euros a month too much with new Dutch prices

Netflix has charged too much for its Standard subscription in the Netherlands. The new rate would cost 13.99 euros, while it should have been 11.99 euros. People who have paid too much today will be reimbursed for it.

New Netflix Rates

Netflix proposed new rates in the Netherlands and Belgium on Thursday. That went well with our southern neighbors, but in the Netherlands the company has charged too high an amount for its Standard subscription, which the streaming service makes known to Androidworld.

Under the new Standard subscription, users would pay 13.99 euros per month, which would mean an increase of 3 euros. But there is good news, because in fact the price only increases by 1 euro. New subscribers therefore pay 11.99 euros for Standard, which is only one euro more than the 10.99 euros that was counted until today. 11.99 euros is also the price that will soon be applied for the existing subscribers of this subscription. That change is happening gradually for existing customers, and they are notified via email.


“New members who signed up today for a Standard subscription with the incorrect price will of course be compensated for this,” a Netflix spokesperson said in a response to Androidworld. It is not yet known how exactly that compensation scheme will work and how many people have paid too much. At the time of writing, the incorrect price is also still visible on the Netflix website, but that would be corrected soon.

The Standard plan lets users stream in HD resolution and they can stream up to two televisions simultaneously. It is a cheaper formula than premium that allows you to watch on four TVs in a 4K resolution. Below you can see the correct overview of the rates in a row.

New Netflix Rates
basic Default Premium
Old price: 7.99 euros 10.99 euros 13.99 euros
New price: 7.99 euros 11.99 euros 15.99 euros

What do you think of that adjusted price for the Standard subscription? do you find yourself better in that price increase of 1 euro per month? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.


Netflix is ​​a video streaming service launched in the Netherlands in September 2013. This makes it possible to watch unlimited movies and series on smartphone and …

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