Netflix, Amazon, Disney+: 7 censored series that you can no longer stream in full

With streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ you can stream most of your favorite series – but these are not always fully available. In these 7 series, particularly scandalous episodes were censored and removed.

7 series that you can only partially stream

On Netflix, Disney+, Amazon and WOW you will find almost all the big names in series history. However, some popular series such as The Simpsons or Community are only partially available online because certain consequences caused a scandal and subsequently banned from the platforms. With these 7 series you have to do without at least one episode when streaming.

Please note that some videos in this series of images may be inappropriate for some readers.

Family Guy is no stranger to riots and scandals – creator Seth MacFarlane’s cartoon series has alienated quite a few people over its long history. However, with the episode The Surrogate Mother (Original: Partial Terms of Endearment), the series dared to enter a terrain that was too controversial, especially in the USA.

The 21st episode of season 8 revolves around the topic of abortion, which, in the usual Family Guy manner, is not particularly squeamishly discussed. The episode was never aired on television in the US and is still not available on Disney+ in Germany to this day.

The American sitcom 30 Rock is known for its media satire and quirky characters who take turns in a fictional comedy series on NBC. While the cult hit still has plenty of fans today, it has a total of four episodes of the series removed from the streaming offer and can no longer be purchased digitally on Amazon.

In the affected episodes, actors occasionally appear with blackface – the scenes are intended to parody the racist tradition of Hollywood films, but were deleted at the request of creator Tina Fey.

Season 3 Episode 2: Believe in the Stars

Season 5 Episode 4 Live Show (East Coast Version)

Season 5 Episode 10 Christmas Attack Zone

Season 6 Episode 19 Live From Studio 6H

(Source: Newsweek)

South Park has poked fun at everything and everyone, rarely breaking the rules of good taste. But the two Anniversary episodes 200 and 201 were too big a risk even for the scandalous series a. Season 14 episodes 5 and 6 revolve around famous people like Tom Cruise wanting to meet the Prophet Mohammed to take on his ability to be unparodied.

Although Mohammed was already completely censored in the double episode that was broadcast, Comedy Central pulled the plug after the first broadcast for fear of Islamist attacks – the episodes cannot be streamed anywhere to this day.

Also in the short-lived comedy series W/ Bob & David from 2015 the use of blackface caused an episode to be removed. Episode 3 has not been available on Netflix since 2020 – the series now consists of only 3 episodes plus a special.

In the sequel Advanced Dungeons & Dragons the characters of the comedy series Community play an intense game of D&D – the 14th episode of the 2nd season was one of the best episodes ever for many fans. 9 years after the first broadcast, the episode was removed in 2020 – the reason for this was another blackface scene.

character Ben Chang appears as a Dark Elf with his face painted dark on. Although he thus portrays a fantasy creature, the episode was banned from Netflix, which was not received with understanding by all fans.

After more than 30 seasons, The Simpsons can look back on a gigantic work. On Disney+ you can watch the adventures of Homer, Marge and Co. – but not all of them. The first episode of season three is unavailable on the streaming service due to a controversial guest appearance.

In The Birthday Surprise Pop star Michael Jackson lent his voice to the character Leon Kompowski. After allegations of child abuse against Jackson became public, the creators decided to remove the episode from the program.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia may not be one of the big series hits in this country, but it can be After 16 seasons, it is still the longest-running US sitcom designate of all time. However, the series about five highly dysfunctional and ruthless bar owners is no child of sadness either. Because of Blackface, 4 episodes have already had to be removed from the streaming service.

Season 4 Episode 3: America’s Next Top Paddy’s Billboard Model Contest

Season 6 Episode 9: Dee Reynolds: Shaping America’s Youth

Season 8 Episode 2: The Gang Recycles Their Trash

Season 9 Episode 9: The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6

(Source: Vulture)

While the series mentioned had to remove entire episodes, there are many other productions that got off a little lighter and only had to cut individual scenes. For example, the hospital sitcom Scrubs also had to cut some blackface scenes.

The cult comedy series Friends, on the other hand, had to alter a storyline shortly after September 11, 2001in which fan-favorite Chandler Bing jokes about a bomb at an airport.

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